Bevel Rainbow Adhesive Vinyl

$4.99 USD


The Bevel Rainbow Vinyl at Ahijoy is the perfect addition to your home, business, or art project. With engaging color palettes and multiple options to choose from, this product is simply your best bet when you aim to add a burst of vibrant hues to a craft making it a feast for the eyes. The light glaze of glitter on this particular product is a game changer when it comes to craft vinyl. It can transform any bland surface into a striking piece of workmanship.

From signs, stickers, and window decorations to labels and more, the only limitation to this product is how you use it! The DIY possibilities are infinite! Its glittery finish complements the textures of plastic, metal, glass, and many other materials. The 12-inch-wide vinyl rolls ensure that you will have enough to experiment with and create the perfect outcome, just as you imagined. We ensure our products have strong adherence so they may be used outside as well. If you are thinking of upgrading your child’s bedroom or adding a little flair to your walls and doors, this is the perfect product for you.

This high-quality adhesive vinyl not only lasts longer than traditional vinyl, it is way easier to use. Smooth application and easy removal lets you reconstruct your project whenever you want and its multiple color palettes along with the premium finish ensures that the outcome is to your liking. Our vinyl can be used with most craft cutters or scissors and is easy to weed as well. All you have to do is cut your desired motif and remove excess vinyl. Apply transfer tape on top and stick to your surface of choice. Smooth out any bubbles and remove transfer tape. Your design is now ready for use!

The best part about Ahijoy’s adhesive vinyl is that it is not only durable but weather and water resistant as well. The affordability of our product with these added benefits makes it a must have for any craft vinyl user.


  • Long-lasting, sturdy and perfectly safe to use.
  • Colors available: Seven different layouts of multiple hues.
  • Sizes available: 12''x 24''12''x 36''12''x 48''. You can get the size of your choice too upon request.
  • Finish: Shimmery texture.
  • Pattern: Different colors arranged in a bevel across the sheet.
  • Packaging type: Roll

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