Fish Scale Weeding Pen

$6.90 USD


For those who love crafting, a weeding pen is one of the most important tools. Ahijoy presents its premium quality Fish Scale Weeding Pen that is perfect for transforming your vinyl art into a masterpiece. Whether you are a novice or a professional crafter, this little implement is a must have. 


Easy to Use


Our Fish Scale Weeding pen has amazing features as it has been designed for your comfort and ease. It has a convenient, comfortable grip so you can use it for prolonged periods without hurting your hand. It is perfect for weeding off excess vinyl from small, intricate designs. Moreover, the fine stainless steel nib allows you to access hard-to-reach places with ease. 

Our weeding pen is a self-standing, easy-to-use product. Simply poke the vinyl sheet with the nib just above the liner and lift the vinyl. Make sure you are only poking the vinyl and not lifting the backing with it. We only have to remove excess vinyl to bring out the shape of our design. The fine point of our pen allows you to pick out stubborn weeds more easily than with a larger tool.


Another important usage of the weeding pen is that it helps in removing bubbles from the vinyl. Not only that, you can also remove automotive paint bubbles, glass paint, water-based adhesives, and other residue. The precision needle tip allows for a clean and precise removal of air bubbles.


Amazing Design


Our Fish Scale Weeding Pen is easy on the eyes with its amazing, colorful fish scale design. It is available in different color combinations so you can pick the one you like most. Its sturdy and durable holder made of premium aluminum is resistant to rusting, fading, or breaking, provides long term use and has a comfortable grip to prevent slipping.


Your Safety is our Priority

Our Fish Scale Weeding Pen is safe to use and you can easily carry it in your pocket without getting poked by its sharp nib. Do not forget to retract the nib before storing. It also has a side clip that you can slide onto the edge of the cutting mat, making it highly accessible to use.

So what are you waiting for? Add it to your basket now for a seamless crafting experience!