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How To Use Glitter Iron-On Vinyl?

Do you have any experience using iron-on glitter sheets? Glitter iron-on vinyl adds a little fun to your craft projects. Not only you can use it to add glitter to anything, but you can also use it as an accent on other materials like fabric. With glitter iron-on vinyl, you can make your projects sparkle and shine. It can be used for all kinds of things, such as apparel, accessories and home decor. Using glitter iron-on HTV without tearing your hair out!

How To Use Glitter Iron-On Vinyl?

Step By Step Guide How To Use Glitter Iron-On Vinyl

In this post, we'll show you how to use glitter iron on vinyl with a heat press.

Step 1: Cut Your Design

Since glitter iron on vinyl is thicker than normal sheets of paper or plastic, it's important that you cut it properly so that it doesn't get stuck in the cutting blades of your machine. With an X-acto knife, cut out your design. You can also use scissors but make sure they're sharp since they'll be working against the thick material of the glitter iron on the vinyl sheet.

Step 2: Peel Off The  Backing Paper

Peel off the backing paper from one side of the glitter iron on a vinyl sheet. Make sure you leave the other side intact so that you don't get any glue on your hands or fingers when pressing down on it later in the next step.

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Step 3: Heat Press On To Fabric/Surface

Place your fabric or other surface face down onto the sticky side of your glitter iron on a vinyl sheet and press firmly for about 10 seconds with a heat press or 30 seconds if using an iron.

Our Favorite Glitter Vinyl Options


Glitter vinyl is a great option for adding fun designs to t-shirts. The best part about using this type of material on tees is that it doesn’t interfere with the printability of your design! So if you want to add some sparkle to your tee designs without having them compete with one another, then glitter is ideal for this purpose.


You can use glitter iron-on vinyl with leggings as well as t-shirts. This is great for kids because they won't have any issues with them falling off when they wear them!

How To Use Glitter Iron-On Vinyl?

Custom Coasters

It is not only possible to remove bubbles with a squeegee, but it is also possible to prevent them from getting trapped. Vinyl decal back papers cannot be taken off at once. Begin peeling and sticking at one corner and apply pressure with a squeegee.

Guide How To Weed Glitter Iron-On Vinyl

  • Cut your glitter iron-on vinyl using a vinyl cutter, a cutting mat, and a rotary blade.
  • Place your glitter iron-on vinyl on the weedable material with the shiny side down.
  • Weed the glitter iron-on vinyl using a weeding tool and an exacto knife or razor blade.
  • Peel away the excess material to reveal the design.
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Here Are Some Tips For Using Glitter Iron-On Vinyl:

  • Apply heat evenly to the fabric. Use a low temperature setting and apply even heat to the fabric to prevent burning or melting.
  • Iron on glitter in small sections. If you want to cover an entire garment, iron on glitter in small sections and then stitch the pieces together.
  • Wash your garment before applying the vinyl. This will help prevent any bleeding or smudging of colors during application.
  • Use a good-quality heat press. If your heat press doesn't get hot enough or doesn't have enough pressure, you won't be able to transfer the vinyl to your project.
  • Prepare your project by cutting out the shape of your design. Make sure there's plenty of space around the edges so that when you apply the vinyl it doesn't stick to anything other than itself.
  • Remove the backing layer from the glitter iron-on vinyl, leaving only the adhesive layer intact. Place this adhesive side down onto the wrong side of your fabric or paper and rub it down with an applicator tool until you're happy with how it looks and feels in place.
  • Heat up your iron on high (no steam) and press down on the glitter iron-on vinyl for about 15 seconds with no steam. Until it's warm enough to melt through the adhesive layer but not hot enough to damage your project or cause any color bleeding from other layers of material that are underneath it.
  • Always use an ironing sheet when applying vinyl designs with glitter.


As we've shown you, glitter iron-on vinyl is a design material that you can use when you want something to stand out. While it's not used as often as ordinary iron-on materials, this type of HTV can be the perfect tool when you want to add some sparkle. The lightweight, adaptable vinyl will allow you to easily decorate your shirts to match any mood or occasion, and it's incredibly easy to work with. Now that you know how easy it is to use HTV for your clothing, get ready for the compliments!

Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen
Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen
Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen
Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen
Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen
Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen
Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen
Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen

Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen



Ahijoy is a one stop shop for all your vinyl needs. We bring to you the most essential tool for shaping ornate vinyl decals and designs, the Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen. It is here to beautify your craft and look incredible doing it with its alluring appearance!

Our Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen contains a stainless-steel pinpoint so sharp it can take off even the most troublesome vinyl pieces. The blade is encompassed in a sleek barrel encrusted with sparkles and glitter to give you the spark you need to start your creative fire. The size of this pen gives the user an accommodating grip to allow for long hours of work and no stress on your hand. It is also portable and lightweight. Furthermore, the pen is long lasting due to the high-quality materials used in its manufacturing and will not require frequent replacement.

The weeding pen is extremely easy to use and super handy in getting rid of bubbling and excess vinyl during your craft creation. You might be wondering how to put it to use. The process is fairly simple. After you have cut out your design using an electronic cutter, click the end of the pen to reveal the retractable needle. Using the needle, trace around the lines to get rid of any pieces that won’t budge. This pen helps create vinyl designs which are detailed and have a sleek and professional look. 

If you want to remove bubbles from your vinyl, this tool is crucial to use. Use the miniscule blades to poke the most unnoticeable holes in the bubbles and simply smooth them over with a squeegee. The Glitter Sparkle Weeding pen is compatible with almost all craft vinyl available in the market including adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl.

For vinyl crafts that give you the best quality this product is absolutely indispensable and one that is essential for any vinyl crafter and DIYer to have in their tool kit. Get yours now and start your crafting journey today!


  • Colors available: Pink, Rainbow Blue, Rainbow Black.
  • Finish: Glitter/ Sparkle Finish.
  • Durable stainless-steel pinpoint.
  • Sturdy grip
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