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Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl

The versatile and exquisite adhesive vinyl has completely transfigured the world of crafting, ingenuity, and aesthetics. With its high utility and great performance, it has become the go-to material for any decor needs. If you are one of those who brim with creativity and your mind always churns something alluring and beautiful, or a DIY lover who is always looking for ways to embellish your surroundings, you are at the right place. Ahijoy has an amazing variety of supreme-quality adhesive vinyl for you.

A World Of Beautiful Shades

A wide array of colors, textures, and patterns - at Ahijoy we prioritize the preferences of our ardent customers. Let’s delve into our amazing world of adhesive vinyl where there is something for everyone.

Basic Colors: If you are looking for plain vinyl in different vibrant hues, you will find a wide range here in different variants of shine levels. We have glossy and high glossy for those who love a shimmery design. If you want a muted, toned-down look, we have matte and super matte for you. The amazing bright colors bring out the beauty in every piece they embellish.

Chrome: We offer chrome vinyl in three different finishes from flashy and highly reflective mirror chrome to sophisticated and glamorous satin and matte chrome. If you want your decals to gleam brilliantly then mirror chrome is for you. Satin and matte chrome are for those who want a silken, smooth look. 

Color Change: As the name suggests, this vinyl changes color under the influence of temperature and UV rays. It is perfect for creating some magic and mesmerizing the onlooker. 

Holographic: This is our captivating range with beautiful patterns that reflects shimmering or iridescent hues. It is for those who want their designs to present a burst of color when viewed from different angles,

Shimmer and Glitter: The glittering effect creates a festive mood. Our shimmer and glitter collection in various vibrant shades infuses the craft with liveliness and sheer beauty. 

Glow in the Dark: This is another magical series that charges when exposed to light, especially sunlight, and radiates it back when it’s dark around. It glows as if it has a light of its own creating an enthralling ambiance. 

At Ahijoy, we also have Opal and Reflective vinyl categories. All of these are available in numerous shades making you spoilt for choice. 

The Superb Characteristics

Our adhesive vinyl comes equipped with great features that will enliven your crafts making them extremely eye-catching. 

  1. The vinyl is durable and eco-friendly.
  2. It has premium quality, long-lasting adhesive which does not come off and does not leave any residue when removed.
  3. There is no need to worry about heat or water damage because it resists both.
  4. It is weather-resistant too. It withstands the harshness of both cold and hot weather and does not get damaged easily.
  5. It is easy to carve and weed with all kinds of cutting tools and machines.

Let’s Make Some Amazing Crafts!

With our excellent range of adhesive vinyl, you can transform anything from your ordinary tumbler to your whole room decor into something truly fantastic having your signature touch. It can be applied with ease on any smooth, clean, and dry surface. You can visualize any design, no matter how intricate it is, and bring it to life with our vinyl. 

We are positive that by now you must be scrolling through our website and adding vibrant rolls to the cart. Play around, experiment, and create beautiful masterpieces with our vinyl sheets for the best DIY experience.