Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Pack Bundle 12" x 12" / Sheets - Adhesive Craft Vinyl - Ahijoy
Glow In The Dark Adhesive Vinyl 5ft Roll Bundle - Adhesive Craft Vinyl - Ahijoy
Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl 5ft Roll Bundle - Adhesive Craft Vinyl - Ahijoy
Rainbow Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl 5ft Roll Bundle - Adhesive Craft Vinyl - Ahijoy

Adhesive Vinyl Bundle

Adhesive Vinyl Bundle

For seasoned crafters, adept in their artistry, a good work ethic involves proper planning and having the right tools handy in order to avoid waste of time. They strategize for their projects ensuring that their implements are in working condition and they have enough quantity of vinyl to last till completion. In order to facilitate such committed crafters, Ahijoy offers bundles – vinyl film rolls grouped together for easy selection and purchase. 

A Must-Have Variety!

Our highly-coveted, exquisite vinyl film bundles are for our ardent customers who love to amaze all with their creativity. Here’s what we have for you:

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

If you want a more sturdy, weather-resistant version of adhesive vinyl to display your decals both indoors and outdoors, this is the bundle you should buy. It has twenty 12" x 12" vinyl sheets in different shades so you can easily create small projects. 

Cold Color Changing Vinyl 

This temperature-sensitive vinyl changes color when it comes in contact with anything cold. It is ideal for the drinkware so you can have a magical experience whenever you pour any chilled drink into it. We have six amazing vinyl rolls for you in this bundle. 

Rainbow Shimmer Vinyl

Rainbow appeals to every individual and when it shimmers, it looks truly alluring. These six rolls are perfect for those who love a burst of color and want to spread radiance all around. Embellish your scrapbook or make decoration pieces with it, there is no dearth of ideas. 

Glossy Opal Vinyl

This is our flashy ombré vinyl with a glass effect. It reflects light and is highly visible even from a distance making your decals extremely beautiful and eye-catching. We offer seven opalescent rolls in this category.  

Glow in the Dark Vinyl

This is one of our Halloween favorites and always remains high in demand for room decorations. This enchanted vinyl absorbs light during the daytime and radiates it back at night when you switch off the lights. We offer five rolls in this category.  

Sparkle Adhesive Vinyl

Imagine little flecks of glitter trapped in colored glass, that’s how beautiful our sparkle adhesive vinyl looks in different shades. It adds a gleaming shine to your crafts making them pop. We have 7 rolls of this vinyl in our bundle.

Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl

This vinyl is also overlaid with minute flecks of glitter but has a muted shine. It is ideal for those who do not like too much shimmer. You can get 7 rolls in this bundle as well.

The Captivating Characteristics

Our supreme quality adhesive vinyl is thin and flexible, and can easily conform to curved surfaces. They are water and weather resistant and will stay on your craft for a long time without fading or peeling. They are eco-friendly and perfectly safe to apply on utensils. With one bundle you get a lot of variety and great value for money. 

Easy Application

Our vinyl films are available in rolls of three sizes, 12'' x 24'', 36'' and 48'', with the exception of permanent vinyl which is available in sheets. Hence you can buy the bundle that best suits your needs. With a solvent-based adhesive, the vinyl adheres perfectly to any smooth, clean, and dry surface. It is compatible with all craft cutters and if you don’t have one yet, you can always use your sharp pair of scissors. Weeding off negative vinyl is also a breeze. 

Put your thinking cap on, visualize an amazing design, carve it on the vinyl, put our transfer tape on the design, and smooth it out with our squeegee to remove any creases. Remove the adhesive backing and apply the design on the substrate. Take off the transfer tape and behold your amazing work. 

Get The Bundle Of Your Choice!

Ahijoy offers a one-stop premium shopping experience for all your vinyl needs. With so many qualities and enchanting gleaming shades, our vinyl bundles are perfect, high utility packs that will inspire your creativity. So which one have you added to your cart?