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Smart Vinyl vs Regular Vinyl Guideline

If you start thinking about using Vinyl, there are so many options so it is difficult to choose. Here is a guide to smart Vinyl and regular Vinyl for a beginner.

Is smart Vinyl better than regular Vinyl? What's better? How does smart Vinyl differ from regular Vinyl? Find out more.

What Is Vinyl?

Most of you have probably heard of vinyl siding, vinyl records, flooring, gloves, etc., but may not be familiar with the term.

The synthetic substance vinyl is artificial and not a natural substance. It is a plastic that is made of ethylene and chlorine. Both substances are processed into Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), also known as Vinyl.

what is vinyl

Common Properties Of Vinyl

  • Moisture and humidity do not affect Vinyl.
  • The material is extremely strong and durable.
  • Transparent or solid, it comes in many colors.
  • Vinyl is an inexpensive material.
  • Vinyl is a recyclable plastic material, unlike other plastics. Vinyl has a long life expectancy due to its durability.
Property of vinyl

Various Applications Of Vinyl

It offers excellent performance properties and can be made as supple or stiff as required. Vinyl is widespread and has been applied to a wide range of products and industries. Let's examine some of its uses.

Medical Uses Of Vinyl

In addition to medical products, Vinyl is used to make many other kinds of materials. Vinyl has many applications in an industry where human lives are at risk if inferior materials are used. Among the medical products commonly made from Vinyl are the following.

  • Bags and containers for intravenous fluids
  • Bags of blood
  • Catheters
  • Goggles
  • Caps
  • Masks for inhalation
  • Mouthpieces
  • Equipment for Dialysis
  • Medicinal sealants
  • Ear Protectors
  • Thermal Blankets
  • Gloves
  • Valves


  • Vinyl has a wide range of applications due to its extreme versatility.
  • Vinyl records were the first use of Vinyl, which ultimately defeated phonograph cylinders.
  • The vinyl record continued to be used by DJs, especially with dance music, long after CDs became the preferred medium for the general public.
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This Printable Room Planner makes it easy to design the room of your dreams. Vinyl or smart vinyl? What is the difference? How does smart vinyl differ from regular vinyl? Click here to find out.

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Vinyl Smart is the newest type of Vinyl. You can use the Maker 3, Explorer 3, or Joy without a mat. If you don't need a mat, so it's 13 inches wide. The Joy can also use a 5.5" wide version of smart Vinyl.

smart vinyl


Smart Vinyl is suitable for all of the same things as regular Vinyl.

In addition, you can also cut long cuts with it, so it's great for large wall decals.


Regular Vinyl and Smart Vinyl differ in a few ways:

  • Wider than usual. The usual size is 12 inches, but it's 13 inches
  • A matte finish is available for both permanent and removable types.
smart vinyl vs regular vinyl


Vinyl of the premium type can be used in all machines and is the default vinyl type. It is currently more difficult to find premium vinyl in more colors and varieties than smart Vinyl. While smart Vinyl has a matte finish, premium vinyl also has a glossy finish.

Smart Vinyl differs from regular vinyl in several ways. The weeding process is more challenging with smart Vinyl. There's a slight difference in thickness, and the paper backing is thicker. Transfer tape is also a bit harder to use with smart Vinyl. It takes more effort to remove the backing from the smart Vinyl because it is thicker.

If you want a good adhesion, burnish it well.


A permanent and removable version of Smart Vinyl is available.It would be more beneficial if you used permanent Vinyl on projects that you hope will last a long time. A few examples of permanent vinyl products are mugs, coasters, tumblers, and signs. You can also use it outside.

A vinyl project is ideal for projects that get wet, need to be cleaned, or are gifts. It would help if you used removable Vinyl on objects that you might want to remove the decals later. A good example is wall decals and stencils.

It can also be used as a temporary label for rented sports equipment, such as on decals you don't want to keep forever. Temporary Vinyl can be easily removed if needed and is intended for temporary use.


When you look at the back of the paper lining, you can tell if your Vinyl is permanent. You can see the label!

It's also possible to tell that permanent Vinyl is glossy, while removable Vinyl is matte. Generally, vinyl is matte unless it's smart vinyl.

Labels are also usually attached to other brands. There is a brand I've used that uses a numbering system, so you may have to check the number to find out if it's removable or not.

permanent vinyl


1. Regular or Adhesive Vinyl

  • Vinyl works well on smooth surfaces, like stickers or decals.
  • There is a white backing to this.
  • It has a wide variety of types, patterns, and colors.
  • Vinyl materials are REMOVABLE and PERMANENT.


  • Vinyl is mostly matte when it is removable.
  • The Vinyl is a temporary adhesive.
  • You can easily remove removable material from any surface.


  • Shiny vinyl is different from metallic and shimmering vinyl.
  • Permanently adhered vinyl typically lasts between one and three years.
  • Suitable for crafts that may get wet or wind- or pressure-blown.

With a cutting machine, often referred to as a vinyl cutter or plotter, it is possible to cut removable as well as permanent materials.


  • DIY projects such as removable vinyl labels and decals can be accomplished using permanent adhesive vinyl.

2. Smart Iron-on Vinyl (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

  • It is necessary to heat Iron-on Vinyl before it adheres to soft surfaces.  
  • These are typically found on fabric shirts, tote bags, and home decor.
  • White backings are not available on Iron-on Vinyl.
  • You do not need transfer tape to apply iron-on Vinyl because once it has been heated, the back of the Vinyl becomes sticky and adherent.
  • The Iron-on must be placed in a heat press to function as a transfer tape. A transfer tape will be used to align the design on the large mat surface.

Glow in the Dark HTV Vinyl

It's easy to get creative with Craft's glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl. DIY crafts are a blast with this Vinyl. In addition to glowing brilliantly at night, the Vinyl is beautiful at any time of day. You can design eye-catching designs with this Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl!

SMART VINYL (Removable and Permanent)

There are two types of Smart Vinyl for the Cricut Explore 3, Maker 3, and Cricut Joy: Permanent and Removable. These two options can unleash your creative side, depending on the project. The types of Explore or Maker machines that will accommodate your Smart Vinyl material come in various colors, effects, and lengths.


Smart Vinyl is removable without leaving behind any residue. Smart Materials are thus ideal for indoor projects, such as wall decals and labels.

removeable vinyl


Smart materials are best suited for Cricut Joy or any Cricut Explore model, although you can use any machine you like to match your material. There are a lot of color, length, and effect options available for Smart Iron-On, a brand name for Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). Permanent iron-ons are perfect for outdoor use because the adhesive lasts a long time.

Smart vs. Regular Vinyl


A smart vinyl panel is 13 inches wide, and a regular one is 12 inches wide. It will be difficult to fit the new vinyl machine into the older cutting machine models.

How do you cut a smart vinyl?

You just started crafting, so you don't own your cutting machine. You're welcome to cut with your hands! Smart Vinyl can be cut with any machine cutter, as if it were still on the mat, even if you don't own an electronic cutting machine.


Regular vinyl types are heavier than smart vinyl types. It is possible to glue medium-weight materials like card stock paper because they have a sticky back.


Smart Materials are required to fit through the machine at least 4 inches long, even without a mat.  If you have shorter scraps than that, use a mat for cutting. When using the Joy machine from Cricut, remember to allow 1 inch of material for the top and 0.5 inches for the bottom.

If you want to make a longer design, you can repeat the cuts, but you can only cut 2.5 inches from a 4-inch piece of Smart Materials.The project copies can be adjusted in Design Space or made again in the machine as many times as necessary.


Smart materials work with a Cricut Joy without a cutting mat. When your smart materials are ready, you'll know when the machine tells you that.Each time, you'll be prompted to load Smart Materials and told how much you'd need.    

You will not need a mat anymore if you're cutting Smart Materials from the roll of Vinyl when using a Cricut machine. It won't be necessary to cut smart materials; instead, you'll need a roll holder.


Due to Smart Materials' larger size, your designs won't be limited by their size. You're only limited by your imagination! Just about!


A CRICUT MAKER can cut smart Vinyl (or other machines).

You can also use Smart Vinyl with older machines, including the original Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore. To The mat needs to be trimmed to fit. Make sure you choose standard vinyl or iron-on vinyl.

Is smart Vinyl compatible with a mat?

It is recommended that you trim the extra inch off the vinyl before placing it on the mat.

How does Smart Vinyl work?

You can create stickers, cards, labels, and so much more with it. There is no need to glue anything anymore! You can create colorful cards, bold banners, eye-catching posters and thousands of other paper projects by cutting, peeling, and sticking. Smart Vinyl is available in two varieties - permanent and vinyl - to use with your Explore 3, Maker 3 or Joy

Is Smart Vinyl compatible with any Cricut machine?

You can still use them with older models of Maker and Explore. Cricut recommends that they only be used on a mat when operating these machines. According to the manufacturer, the newer machines are optimized for matless cutting with the Smart Materials.